Genf20 Plus – The Proven HGH Enhancer!

For all you men and women out there who are starting to feel your age, it is time you considered genf20 plus which is by far the best rated Human Growth Hormone (HGH) restorer available.

It works by safely and naturally helping to restore your HGH levels back to what they once were.

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genf20 plusThis can literally reverse your signs of aging, and all of this happens without any expensive and potentially dangerous injections of synthetic HGH.

Let us take a look at how it works, and one of the reasons it is so effective:

How does it work?

This is a double action treatment which gives you triple effects when you use it regularly! It consists of a daily supplement and an oral spray, and the reason you get additional efficiency is because of the enteric coated pills used in the supplement. Let us take a look at these three things:

Daily supplement

These easy to swallow pills contain a combination of amino acids, nutrients and peptides. The ingredients have been scientifically proven to work on your body in a safe and natural way which will help to restore your HGH levels. You simply take the supplement twice daily, and you will feel the results in as little as 3 weeks, although it is recommended that you use for three months to feel the full, powerful affects of this supplement.

Oral Spray

The oral spray which comes with the genf20 plus product contains ingredients which complement each other.

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You will find that these amino acid compounds and botanical properties will further help with your HGH levels; one such ingredient included in this spray is the clinically proven Alpha GPC which is known to be highly effective when it comes to boosting HGH levels in your body.

We touched on enteric coated pills earlier, so let us look at why this is so important:

Absorption into your body

When you are looking to boost your HGH levels it is really important to understand how important it is that your body gets maximum absorption of the ingredients via your bloodstream.

You will find that most of the other products on offer use non-enteric coated pills where as this supplement utilizes highly effective enteric-coated pills.

Enteric coated formula

What does this mean to you and me? It means far superior absorption rates! This is because non-enteric coated formulas can easily be damaged by enzymes and gastric juices in your stomach.

Some estimates put the absorption rates of non-enteric coated pills as low as 10-15% whereas when using an enteric coated supplement you will enjoy absorption rates of between 80-90%.

I guess the next question you will ask is; why don’t all supplements come in enteric-coated form? The simple answer to this is cost. It is far more expensive to produce an enteric coated supplement.

However the company believes that their supplement is a premium product, and also believe you should get the full benefits when using genf20 plus to boost your HGH levels hence their use of enteric coated pills.

So, if you are looking for a premium product with proven HGH boosting results then this supplement has to be your only choice.

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